Rapidus Corporation and Tenstorrent Inc. Collaborate on AI Edge Devices

Rapidus Corporation, a company specializing in advanced logic semiconductors, has announced a partnership with Tenstorrent Inc., a next-generation computing company focused on AI. The collaboration aims to jointly develop semiconductor IP for AI edge devices using 2 nm logic semiconductors.

Tenstorrent, known for its AI processors and servers, also owns the world's most performant RISC-V CPU IP, which it licenses to customers globally. Through this partnership, Tenstorrent will accelerate the development of cutting-edge devices to meet the demands of the ever-evolving digital society. Atsuyoshi Koike, President and CEO of Rapidus Inc., expressed his excitement about working with Tenstorrent and the potential for major AI-based innovations.

Tenstorrent's Chief Customer Officer, David Bennett, emphasized the importance of Japan to the company and its customers in the Asia Pacific region. He praised Japan's commitment to leveraging its semiconductor technology expertise and engineering talent base.

Rapidus has already begun constructing the Innovative Integration for Manufacturing (IIM) facility in Chitose City, Hokkaido, which will be Japan's first production site for state-of-the-art logic semiconductors at 2 nm and beyond. The company has also been collaborating with IBM at the Albany Nanotech Complex in New York to develop technologies for 2 nm logic semiconductor production. Additionally, Rapidus plans to acquire EUV lithography technology from imec, a crucial component for cutting-edge semiconductor production. The company aims to start pilot production at IIM-1 in April 2025 and begin mass production in 2027.

Rapidus is committed to strengthening Japan's industrial capabilities through the establishment of an advanced LSI foundry. This will involve collaboration with domestic and international materials and equipment industries, as well as partnerships with IBM, imec, and other organizations. The company also plans to actively engage in intellectual property collaboration.